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Guetä Rutsch und happy 2023!

Gitgit-Wasserfälle, Bali, Indonesien – © by Dude,

Think about the unbelievable wonder of family, friends, neighbors, and all others everywhere. Think about the beauty of nature, and life of all kinds that live and exist on this magnificent earth. Think about the joy of experiencing every moment as precious, instead of concentrating only on the dark side of life. Be astonished by the sheer majesty of all we encounter, and all the adventure that has gone missing from our lives that could be reawakened.

Take this time to reflect only on the good, and ways to keep it within your heart and soul. There is plenty of time to understand the evil in life, but concentrating only on that evil will consume even the most optimistic among us, and poison the mind. Spend time with family, go fishing, hiking, and watch the splendor of all life everywhere. Eat wonderful foods from around the world, and explore other cultures. Listen and absorb the wonder of music. Travel and experience life through the eyes of others. Be aware of everything around you, instead of hiding in the world of technology and isolation. Study and learn about things that are unknown to you, and always seek to improve only self, for as you improve yourself, others will follow your path, because you will have found the elusive peace.

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