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Autonome Waffensysteme III – Atlas‘ neuster Streich

Die neuste Atlas-Generation von Boston Dynamics.

„Atlas Gets a Grip“ – Boston Dynamics Promo Clip 2023 (EN, Mirror)

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Autonome Waffensysteme II / Killer-Roboter & Arbeitsdrohnen

Autonome Waffensysteme

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Die wichtigsten Meldungen vom 19. & 20. Dezember 2020

20. Dezember

  • There Is No Covid Health Crisis and There Is No Virus Pandemic: There Is Only Long-Planned Orchestrated TyrannyEs gibt keine Covid-Gesundheitskrise und es gibt keine Virus-Pandemie: Es gibt nur eine von langer Hand geplante, orchestrierte Tyrannei
    Everything that happens with governments and the entire state apparatus is planned in advance. Nothing concerning the ruling class is organic or natural in any way. All action and reaction to any event by the government and its controllers is by design.
    These tactics of course are psychological in nature, but if the psyche of the majority can be captured to such an extent as to cause the proper desired reaction, then they can be easily controlled. In a world of logic and reason, this current situation should serve as definitive proof of this hypothesis, but sadly, I doubt that any such mass revelation by the people at large will be forthcoming.
    In 2017, a novel coronavirus outbreak was simulated in Minnesota. This exercise was called “The SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028”, and comprised a futuristic scenario… ( -> )
    What all these simulations, and many others, have in common is that the promoters and preparers of these events all claim to have no foreknowledge of any real future like situations, and allege that these are only done so as to be prepared to help the lowly proletariat in case of some biowarfare or health emergency. This is an outright lie. They are never prepared to stop any risk, but are always prepared to use it in order to gain power and control over humanity. The government and its partners in crime create and publically announce these simulations for the specific purpose of psychological preparedness training of the common people. It is no different than any propaganda campaign that is based on implanting ideas in the minds of its victims through projection and repetition.
    It cannot be overstated that every act of government, its controllers, and its partners, is never accidental, or caused by unknown factors; it is always plotted and planned in order to benefit the ruling class.
    All should understand that this is not over, and will never end without a large and sustained uprising by the citizenry. The escalation of extreme tyrannical measures is only going to dramatically increase in the coming year.
    Those agendas, if allowed to go forward, will be the most devastating and draconian that we have ever faced.
    The chosen masters that you have voluntarily allowed to rule over you have intentionally created this crisis, and are fully prepared to use it to destroy your life and family.
    Are you prepared to stop them by whatever means necessary, or will you comply and become slaves? Those are the only choices left!
    *in Gänze zu empfehlen. Siehe auch den Kommentar dazu hier -> (d)
  • König der Knechte: Verwirrung des Verstands (Servant-King: Confusion of Mind)
    *unbedingt in Gänze zu empfehlen. Die drei Einleitungs-Teile finden sich hier… (d)


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Leben wir künftig auf einer vollverschleierten Erde?

Fordern UNO und EU dald die Zwangsverschleierung der Erde?

Gedanken zu „harmlosen Schleierwolken und Wolkenfeldern


Harmlose Schleierwolken aka Wolkenfelder, wo man hinschaut.

Harmlose Wolkenfelder über Russland, 24.12.2019

Vom Atlas bis Zypern, von Alabama bis zur Zentralafrikanischen Republik. Überall schießen harmlose Schleierwolken und Wolkenfelder in den Himmel. Das Wetter wird weltweit, anders als das Klima, immer harmloser.

Enstehungsakt harmloser Wolkenfelder und Schleierwolken über Atlantik und Portugal, 24.12.2019.


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Autonome Waffensysteme II / Killer-Roboter & Arbeitsdrohnen

Willkommen in der Robowelt: Die nehmen euch dann – mal davon abgesehen, dass sie mit Waffen bestückt als hübsche Terminatoren fungieren können – je länger je umfassender, nach und nach noch die letzten Tubeli(hoch-dt.: Deppen)arbeiten ab, damit ihr dann alle endgültig nur noch zu Useless Eaters (unnützen Essern) verkommt. 😉

Viel Spass dann noch weiterhin in den höchstwahrscheinlich nicht mehr vorhandenen Sozialsystemen der Matrix der SNWOU. Düsterste Zukunftsdystopien aus Hollywood und anderswo gibt’s dazu ja bereits en masse…

Die nächste Generation von Atlas (Boston Dynamics)

Unbedingt ansehen (162 Sekunden Clip).  Weiterlesen

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