Konformitäts-Experiment: Rauch und Feueralarm im Raum

Letztes Update / Ergänzung: 21.4.2022 (Video: Wie Kinder in der UDSSR konditioniert wurden -> zuunterst ergänzt)

Der ein oder die andere kennt vielleicht schon die Milgram-Gehorsams-Experimente, oder auch das Asch-Konformitäts-Experiment (siehe unten), obwohl im heutigen pseudoalternativen alt-mainstream-DE-Schwurbelnetz (wo das Verhalten vieler vergleichbar ist wie in nachfolgenden Experimenten 😉 ) darüber, wenn überhaupt, höchst selten publiziert wird, obschon in diesem schadhaften Herdenverhalten der eigentliche Kern-Grund für die schafsmedial gesteuerte, grassierende Massenpsychose liegt.

Als Ergänzung zu unserem Standardwerk Gustave le Bon – Psychologie der Massen (das erst kürzlich einen nicht unwichtigen Nachtrag erhielt) stelle ich hier ein etwas jüngeres Konformitäts-Experiment vor.

Das Experiment lässt sich leicht zusammenfassen: In einem vorbereiteten Raum werden einzelne Probanden darauf getestet, wie bzw. ob sie reagieren, wenn plötzlich Rauch ins Zimmer kommt und der Rauchmelder losgeht. Wenn die Probanden alleine im Zimmer sind funktioniert der gesunde Menschenverstand zumeist vorzüglich. Bereits nach ein paar Sekunden kommt der Feueralarm und ein paar weitere Sekunden später verlassen die Probanden sicherheitshalber den Raum.

Was passiert wenn nebst den einzelnen Probanden noch eine Schar gebriefte Schauspieler mit im Raum sind, seht selber.

Dangerous Conformity Experiment – Smoke and Fire in the Room 2007 Full HD

Erschreckend – aber keineswegs überraschend, sofern man Le Bons Standardwerk kennt.

Persönlich wäre es mir als Proband schnuppe, ob da ein Schauspieler oder deren 200 im Raum sitzt/en. Schliesslich bin ich kein pawlowscher Hund und brauche keine Gruppe um meinen Hirnkasten, geistige Klarheit, gesunden Menschenverstand und die Vernunft aktiv zu halten. Umso schockierender das Resultat dieses – und der nachfolgenden – Experiments/e.

Siehe auch…

Das Stanley-Milgram-Experiment von 1962


  • Gustave le Bon – Psychologie der Massen (komplettes Hörbuch)
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  • The Dishonest Reality of Hypocrisy Amidst Voluntary Acceptance of False Narratives
    (Übersetzung des Artikels mach ich gerne gegen ordentliche Bezahlung) – Auszüge: „[…]
    A case in point would be the very many out there who criticize this ‘pandemic’ fraud while at the same time accepting the fake virus narrative of something called ‘Covid’ as a genuine natural disease. This is done so often as to be normal, and therefore, the confusion about the total illegitimacy of this fake ‘virus’ is evident; completely misunderstood by the bulk of what can easily be considered an ignorant mass collective called the public. So instead of large numbers of people being properly convinced that there is no such thing as SARS-CoV-2 or Covid-19, and tearing down the mainstream narrative so as to eliminate the tyrannical response and threat, the so-called righteous dual journalistic class continues to support both sides simultaneously.
    This deception takes on many forms, from how to treat and cure ‘Covid,’ to what medications should be used to stop and eliminate ‘Covid,’ to the number of deaths due to ‘Covid,’ to discussions about the many types and variants of fake ‘Covid,’ to the number of ‘Covid’ patients overrunning hospitals, and now the so-called revelation that the newest ‘Covid’ variants are only “attacking” the vaccinated.
    There is no such thing as ‘Covid-19.’ There is no pandemic other than the pandemic of mass ignorance, indifference, and gullibility. No such thing as ‘Covid’ has ever been isolated or identified by any person, scientist, ‘health’ organization, or any evil government. This fact alone exposes that no such thing as any ‘Covid’ variant exists or is even possible. Since the fraud called ‘Covid’ has never once been proven to exist, and the PCR testing has been proven to be a scam and completely useless in identifying anything called a ‘virus,’ how can so many continue to be fooled into believing in this delusional idiocy called the pandemic of Covid? Is it because of the ruling class, the government, and the mainstream media whores that are shills for the powerful? Or is it due to the claimed ‘truth-tellers’ that have taken up residence on both sides of this issue?
    When those pretending to be journalistic saviors are propagating on both sides of this supposed controversy, all that do not have the ability to think critically will remain confused, obedient, and in the dark.
    Only the truth is important, but few want to hear the truth.
    ‘Covid’ is not real, so all arguments about curing ‘Covid, about avoiding ‘Covid, about treating ‘Covid,’ about preventing ‘Covid,’ are straw man arguments that can only cause harm by presenting convoluted information to an already perplexed societal collective.
  • The non-existent virus: why I keep pounding on this
    (Übersetzung des Artikels mach ich gerne gegen ordentliche Bezahlung) – Auszüge: „[…]
    Reality is invented.
    I sometimes characterize the operation with this name: The Reality Manufacturing Company.
    It’s the oldest company on Earth.
    Propaganda? Of course. But more than that—the engineering of perception. Because if they can get people to see how they want them to see, nothing else matters.
    Once their perception-package is installed, people have no idea that anything else exists.
    As long as the perception package is installed, a person can’t see otherwise. He’s captured. He believes there are thousands of distinct diseases, each caused by a single virus. We can thank the Rockefeller Empire for this absurdity.
    Every fake propped-up reality is a fork in the road, because the non-mind-controlled individual can imagine alternative futures.
    I should make this clear: Part of the perception package is the false assumption that the customer, who buys the package, knows everything there is to know, and is independent and free—when he isn’t.
    Who is creating the painting of his future on it? The Reality Manufacturing Company? Or is he himself doing it with great energy and power?“
  • The Extreme Tyranny Today Has Been Caused by Mass Voluntary Compliance – Auszüge: „[…]
    Who among you has no master? Who among you is not a slave? How can so many be ruled by so few? A huge preponderance of all societies cannot negate these questions, for there can be no certain answer or honesty from obedient and irresponsible fools. Ignorance is no excuse, cowardice is shameful, and indifference is immoral. Mankind has sunk to his lowest level, but compliant commoners fear not. The enslavement of billions at the hands of a few evil masters will allow the collective to wallow in self pity together; solidifying their happiness with their own servitude. For all of you who submit to orders, for all of you who have willingly given up your freedom, this is the bleak future you are building for yourselves and your children.
    If you find these words harsh, so be it, for you are the cause of this madness; you are the cause of all this pain. Those with the ability to fight but unwilling to do so for their own freedom, are not worthy of empathy.
    By simply saying no, and standing by that decision, this atrocious plot to destroy children for life could be stopped. But will the sheep stop it? At this point, any mass uprising and refusal to allow this madness to continue seems far removed from the minds of this robotic and compliant proletariat.
    If there were real resistance, resistance with teeth, how could this happen? Actually, it could not. The false hope evident is based on smoke and mirrors due to indifference, and is being promoted by the mainstream of course, but also by many ‘alternative’ sources who continually talk out of both sides of their mouths while claiming to be advocates of liberty. Any acceptance of the ‘Covid virus’ narrative, a complete lie to be sure, negates any argument being levied by claimed do-gooders calling themselves libertarians, alternative voices, or tellers of truth.
    All that has been necessary for the falsely claimed ‘leaders’ to obtain more power and control over societies, has been to dumb-down, indoctrinate, and make dependent the masses, so that the tactic of fear alone could be used as a weapon. This tactic has now reached such a pinnacle of success that it defies imagination. Nothing is even hidden at this stage; completely open and obvious to any thinking individual, but lost to the hordes of obedient drones referred to as the public.
    In a rational world, all this would be laughable, and all attempts to tyrannize the people would be ignored by the majority, but in this inverted hell on earth, everything is backward. Instead of simply saying no to government and its controllers, most bow down to all so-called authority, and in the process, become captive fools.
    Where lies the real power? We control our own destiny, so there is no excuse for any to allow this extreme tyranny. There is no excuse for failure. If this country and the world allow their own slavery, that is exactly what they deserve.“
    Deutsche Übersetzung -> https://www.konjunktion.info/2022/01/systemfrage-eine-erfolgreiche-tyrannei-benoetigt-eine-freiwillig-folgende-masse/
  • How the Masses Were Hypnotized Into the COVID Cult
    (Übersetzung des Artikels mach ich gerne gegen ordentliche Bezahlung) – Auszüge: „[…]
    The NWO (New World Order) controllers know that narrative is everything. To control the information and to control the way people interpret that information is the absolute power to control perception.
    This article will take a deeper look at how the official COVID narrative has been able to induce people into a state of fear, disempowerment, compliance, obedience and mass hypnosis – and how it continues to do so – in a manner identical to the brainwashing propaganda of a cult.
    When you have a society where there is already a lot of general anxiety, and where people are uprooted psychologically and spiritually because they are disconnected from their essence and their purpose (and from other humans too), they are ripe for exploitation.
    Historically, once the opposition is silenced or destroyed, the dictator becomes even more monstrous, metaphorically devouring his own children (killing his own people/supporters)…
    Mass hypnosis isn’t even the final destination. It can go even further into mass psychosis, where an entire population becomes infected with madness and loses its ability to think clearly and rationally.
    With anxiety already present in large amounts in the population, the foundations were already there to generate a pandemic of compliance – for that is what Operation Coronavirus really is, a pandemic of compliance. With decades or even centuries of relentless propaganda, the general population was a fertile ground for seeds of collectivism and authoritarianism to be sown and grown.
    Beyond mass hypnosis and mass psychosis, we can even take this analysis one step further – into the subconscious realms and into the occult.
    The entire COVID scamdemic has been a giant occult ritual. This is because the forces that run the world are steeped in black magic, seeking to shape the world after themselves. People participate in rituals to show they belong to the group. The more absurd the ritual is, the better it functions as a ritual – it becomes unique to that group. Anyone under the ritualistic spell may accurately be said to be a member of the COVID Cult. This explains the astonishing ease with which people forgot their self-respect, their common sense, their innate immune systems and their unalienable, sovereign, inherent, god-given human rights…
    We have to treat those in the COVID cult as under a spell of delusion, trauma and mind control. We have to figure out the best ways to deprogram them. Meanwhile, we must remain grounded in our own sanity and inherent rights as the NWO controllers try to turn the pressure up on those around the world who are outside the cult.“
  • 5 Experiments and Syndromes to Account for Mass COVID Trance Behavior
    (Übersetzung des Artikels mach ich gerne gegen ordentliche Bezahlung) – Auszüge: „[…]
    The orchestrators of the COVID scamdemic understand human psychology very well and have been able to cleverly hack or exploit psychological weaknesses in the masses to engender compliance and obedience.
    In this article, I will emphasize 5 experiments or syndromes which also shed light on how people come to conform, adapt to absurdity and obey authority, even if it goes against their personal moral code and principles. We must be aware of these tendencies within ourselves as we strive to remain sovereign and free individuals.
    Now that you know about these 5 experiments and syndromes, can you see how they fit into the COVID plandemic and at least partially explain all the COVID trance behavior? Think about all the conformity that has happened, as people in many places still continue obediently wearing their masks, getting their fake-vaccine and chastising those who don’t follow all the ridiculous, illegal and illogical COVID rules. Think about all those who were influenced into getting the clot shot to conform with the expectations of their spouse, partner, family or friends. Think about all the blind obedience and lack of critical thinking that has happened…
    Operation Coronavirus is a psychological operation. It is the grand psy-op. It works by leveraging fear to induce conformity, docility, obedience and a blind trust in authority.
    …it is, I would suggest, even more critical to understand the powerful psychological manipulation that has taken place. We must do this in order to break free of the COVID trance propaganda and reclaim our sovereignty.“
  • The Circular Nature of Reporting on the ‘Covid’ Narrative Propaganda: It Perpetuates the Lies
    (Übersetzung des Artikels mach ich gerne gegen ordentliche Bezahlung)
  • Covid-19: Furcht, Angst und Voodoo-Tod
  • Das Spiel mit der Angst
  • Stanford Gefängnis Experiment
  • Konditionierung: Vom Stockholm-Syndrom, Plandemie und einem Pendel
  • A Serial Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy
  • Systemfrage: Die 11 Strategien der Manipulation
  • Shocking Social Experiments Demonstrate Why Conformity and Blind Obedience to Authority Have Gone Viral
  • How Totalitarian Societies Brainwash Their Citizens | Kate Wand | Barry Brownstein

Nachtrag 21.4.2022

UdSSR der 1960er Jahre, das zeigt, wie Kinder unter Gruppendruck konditioniert werden

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  1. ponca12

    Das gibt schon zu denken. Vor allem wenn man bedenkt, dass man früher in einer Sippe oder im Clan viel sicherer war als alleine. Aber damals waren die Menschen auch noch nicht hirngewaschen…

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  2. Die meisten Menschen LASSEN Denken, statt das sie es selbsttätig tun, ganz vorne sind da diese „Smombies“ zu nennen, wenn man jemandem begegnet der mit dem „Smart“phone verwachsen scheint, da ist eines sicher: das DIng in der Hand hat mehr Verstand als die Person die es hält

    Es ist ja schon fast gefährlich eigene Gedanken zu haben, spricht man diese auch noch aus dann kann das leicht zu einer schmerzhaften Erfahrung führen, da eigene Gedanken nur in den seltensten Fällen systemkonform sind und das nicht sytemkonform ist für die DenkunWILLIGEN eine „Bedrohung“, der mangels argumenten schlagkräftig begegnet wird

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  3. No_NWO

    Ist die Pandemie ein Weltuntergangs-Kult?

    Auszug aus dem Wikipedia-Eintrag zu Leon Festinger, fünftmeist zitierter Psychologe des 20. Jahrhunderts, und hier nun eingehend auf Festingers großes Thema der kognitiven Dissonanz ==>

    „Festinger and his collaborators, Henry Riecken and Stanley Schachter, examined conditions under which disconfirmation of beliefs leads to increased conviction in such beliefs in the 1956 book When Prophecy Fails. The group studied a small apocalyptic cult led by Dorothy Martin (under the pseudonym Marian Keech in the book), a suburban housewife.[51][52] Martin claimed to have received messages from „the Guardians,“ a group of superior beings from another planet called ‚Clarion.‘ The messages purportedly said that a flood spreading to form an inland sea stretching from the Arctic Circle to the Gulf of Mexico would destroy the world on December 21, 1954. The three psychologists and several more assistants joined the group. The team observed the group firsthand for months before and after the predicted apocalypse. Many of the group members quit their jobs and disposed of their possessions in preparation for the apocalypse. When doomsday came and went, Martin claimed that the world had been spared because of the „force of Good and light“[53] that the group members had spread. Rather than abandoning their discredited beliefs, group members adhered to them even more strongly and began proselytizing with fervor.

    Festinger and his co-authors concluded that the following conditions lead to increased conviction in beliefs following disconfirmation:

    1. The belief must be held with deep conviction and be relevant to the believer’s actions or behavior.
    2. The belief must have produced actions that are arguably difficult to undo.
    3. The belief must be sufficiently specific and concerned with the real world such that it can be clearly disconfirmed.
    4. The disconfirmatory evidence must be recognized by the believer.
    5. The believer must have social support from other believers.“

    Quelle ==> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leon_Festinger
    Kritisch zu Festinger siehe auch Vid «Engineering Cognitive Dissonance»

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  4. Junge, da hast du aber einen hingelegt!

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  5. Danke für die Blumen. Gerne drauf verweisen, so sich Gelegenheit böte.


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  6. https://www.garydbarnett.com/we-can-never-stop-speaking-out-only-the-truth-will-set-us-free/ – Auszüge: „[…]
    We now live in a world consumed by what is currently being referred to as “Mass Formation Psychosis.” This phenomenon is not new, but is very real, and considering today’s fake pandemic madness, it has overwhelmed the entire planet at once.
    While the term mass formation has taken center stage as of late, this is simply a collective mentality where most all think as one in order to gain approval of the group, force communal gathering for the purpose of perceived safety, cling to the social norm of the moment, and vilify any who choose to not conform. This has been properly compared to societal mass hypnosis, but again, never on such a scale as seen today.
    Now, mass psychosis has captivated the globe, all due to a purposely fabricated hoax called a ‘coronavirus pandemic.’ This time, it is extreme worldwide mass collectivism brought about due to lies, global collusion, and conspiracy, causing unlimited crowd ignorance. Once the individual is sacrificed for the meaningless ‘common good,’ and the brainwashed hordes gather together in complete irresponsible solidarity, all aspects of sanity disappear in favor of idiotic groupthink. Once this occurs, totalitarian policies advance in full view of all, but are mostly ignored by the general mob seeking to remain ignorant of reality. Accepting, understanding, and verifying the truth are all that would be necessary so that individual clarity could be achieved, something universally shunned by most, and that is brutally evident today.
    People tend to see only what they want to see in order to establish and retain social recognition, social acceptance, and comfort in knowing that they are part of a majority and not alone.
    At no time in history has every country on earth acted in concert to push a single narrative. Even the thought of this happening is still mind-boggling, but it has happened nonetheless. This fact alone exposes that the herd mentality of the human animal is not only real, but inherent to the psyche of modern man.
    In order for something of this magnitude to take place, it is evident that the human population has regressed substantially considering intellectual growth, responsibility, confidence in self, and a belief in the individual nature of man. They have instead been conditioned, and accepted their indoctrination voluntarily, only for reliance on a false sense of comfort and safety of the crowd, and dependency on others instead of self.
    What once was considered to be a somewhat normal society, with a higher percentage of individual thinkers, over time became a controlled and indifferent society dependent on foreign substances to calm all their anxieties. Courage, toughness, confidence, and the body’s natural ability to fight off life’s diseases and mental anxieties, disappeared in favor of an escape from reality. This escape was fomented in part by the indoctrination and dumbing down of the general population, with the help of the same financial, ‘educational,’ medical, pharmaceutical, and governing bodies responsible for the creation of this fraudulent ‘pandemic.’
    What is being called mass formation, which naturally leads to mass psychosis, has become the norm in not only this country, but the rest of the world as well. Is it any wonder then, that we are in this state of madness, and fast approaching world totalitarianism?
    Never sit idle in the face of tyranny, and never allow apathy to invade your psyche.

    *in Gänze lesenswert!

    **NACHTRAG 12.1.

    Inzwischen gibts auch ne DE-Fassung -> https://www.konjunktion.info/2022/01/plandemie-nur-wenn-wir-die-wahrheit-aussprechen-haben-wir-eine-chance/

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  7. No_NWO

    Die Psychose einer vom materialistisch-logischen Prinzip von Ursache-Wirkung unbefleckten Empfängnis des Sars-Cov2 – Virus‘ stellt ein naturwissenschaftliches Dogma dar. Welches zwei Vorläufer hat, ein religionswissenschaftliches und ein wirtschaftswissenschaftliches Dogma.

    Alle drei Dogmen entstammen der christlich-abendländischen Kosmologie des Geist-Materie-Dualismus‘. Dem Dogma von der Heiligkeit der unbefleckten Empfängnis des Sars-Cov2 – Virus voraus gingen a) das christliche Dogma von der Heiligkeit der sexuell unbefleckten Empfängnis des Erlösergottes, und b) das sozialdemokratische Dogma von der Heiligkeit der vom tendentiellen Fall der Profitrate unbefleckten Empfängnis des Arbeitslohns.

    Christlich-abendländische Empfängnisse jedweder Art sind auffälligerweise allemal unbefleckt. Im Falle der Empfängnis des Sars-Cov2 – Virus‘ ist diese unbefleckt von der Mitwirkung von biotechnologischen Laboren.

    Gefällt mir

  8. Offenbar hast Du Gary nicht richtig gelesen (oder nicht verstanden??), denn mit christlichem Abendland hat das nur teils zu tun!

    “ it has overwhelmed the entire planet at once.“

    „mass psychosis has captivated the globe

    „This time, it is extreme worldwide mass collectivism“


    Da kannst also die ganzen Hindu-Buddha-Sikh-Tao-Islam-Juden-Anismismus-Atheismus-et-al-Zombies einfach nicht unter BS wie christlich-abendländisch-blabla einordnern.

    Guck Dich um auf der Welt!!

    Ps. Das einzig verbliebene Land, wo man ohne PCR-Stäbchen-mit-Nematoden-ins-Hirn-schieb-Terror mit nem Flieger reinkommt ist Mexiko – und das vermutlich auch nicht mehr lang… siehe https://www.iatatravelcentre.com/world.php

    Gefällt mir

  9. No_NWO

    Mit Nietzsche ließe sich die Moderne als „höchste Blüte des Christentums“ auffassen. Ist Moderne nun aber der politisch äquivalente Begriff zum wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Begriff des Kapitals, so wird angesichts einer von diesem beherrschten Welt der globale Siegeszug des Christentums sichtbar, was zugleich der globale Siegeszug der dem Christentum unterliegenden elitaristischen Kosmologie des Geist-Materie-Dualismus‘ wäre. Die Dogmen von den vom bösen Materiellen unbefleckten Empfängnissen eines guten Geistigen aber sind reinster Ausdruck des Geist-Materie-Dualismus‘. So what!

    Darum sage ich ja immer, der Lektüre von Marxens Kapital sollte tunlichst eine erschöpfende Nietzsche-Lektüre vorausgehen. Fehlt diese, kommen da jesuitische Erlösungstheologen heraus, die sogenannten „Marxisten“. Die in Wahrheit linksjesuitische Christen sind.

    Gefällt mir

  10. No_NWO

    @dude — Der eingekreiste Typ auf dem Bild in Min. 5:58 ist wahrscheinlich ein Armamputierter.

    Gefällt mir

  11. GoAlive

    Schöne Sammlung, danke!
    Was, wenn statt des sinnlichen Eindrucks „Rauch“ eine Grafik die Warnung auslösen würde und alle bis auf den einen deswegen behaupten würden, dass ein Brand droht und den Raum verließen, nachdem sie den einen beschimpft hätten? Das war die Leistung des Club of Rome: die Wahrnehmung auf den Glauben an Zahlensymbole zu verlagern. Der Rest ist bekannt …

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  12. In Anlehnung an Bretschinskis bekannte Aussage…

    https://www.wakingtimes.com/it-is-now-infinitely-easier-to-control-a-billion-people-than-it-is-to-kill-a-billion-people/ – Auszüge: „[…]
    You see, one thing we’ve learned (whether you recognize it or not) is that it is now far easier to control people than ever before. How so?

    Simple. You sideline them by programming them to engage in self-sabotage and self-destructive behavior.

    And how do you accomplish this?

    Mind control.

    Mind control comes in many forms, but in essence it is the ability to get people to believe, think, and act against their natural impulses and in accordance with an imposed agenda.

    American psychologist and professor emeritus at Stanford University, Phillip Zombardo, refers to mind control as, “the process by which individual or collective freedom of choice and action is compromised by agents or agencies that modify or distort perception, motivation, affect, cognition or behavioral outcomes.” His groundbreaking research project, The Stanford Prison Experiment, demonstrated that most people are highly susceptible to the influence of group behavior, and that many of us would go so far as to harm others just to be in compliance with the directives of someone in a perceived position of authority.

    In today’s fustercluck world, the effects of mind control are evident everywhere, and under present conditions is even manifesting it its most dangerous form… mass psychosis. People living in this dark cloud of disillusionment are easily influenced and will readily sacrifice their own health and well-being in deference to the advice and mandates of ‘experts’ and policy makers who pimp fear then offer a phony respite from it.

    Consider how this plays out in our society:

    1. Dumb down the population with chemical sedatives including alcohol, pharmaceuticals and toxic food ingredients.

    2. Monopolize the media under corporate control. Present biased, toxic opinions as ‘news’ 24 hours a day, deliberately creating division and discord amongst the majority of the population.

    3. Censor any information and opinions which counter the propaganda of the corporate state, making it seem like minority authoritarian positions are of the majority.

    4. Entrain the masses to believe that censorship is necessary for their protection, and that to speak out in opposition to the corporate state amounts to a physical threat to their safety.

    5. Elevate a culture of celebrity worship, and promote degeneracy and stupidity as virtuous forms of pseudo-rebellion.

    6. Indoctrinate children from an early age to learn obedience over critical thinking, while teaching them that the state is infallible no matter how many atrocities it commits.

    7. Isolate people from each other. Disconnect them from the grounding and diverse influence of family and friends.

    8. Assault the senses of the population with an endless stream of trauma-based mind control and fear propaganda.

    9. Entrain common people to believe that being broke and poor is virtuous, while encouraging a massive wealth gap between the elites and the rest of society.

    10. Destabilize traditional communal and familial structures by encouraging promiscuity, divorce and dysfunctional relationships.

    11. Gut the value of the only permissible currency so that typical gender roles are flipped and both members of a nuclear family must work in order to provide a basic life, while children then must be sent to expensive daycares and government-run schools.

    12. Confuse people over simple biological issues like gender, and create a cult of official science followers who are unwilling to acknowledge such basic scientific facts.

    13. Destroy the most powerful and capable members of society, the alpha-males, through media campaigns which demonize them.

    14. Focus the attention of the masses on an invisible, intangible, omni-present fear such as an unstoppable plague that is constantly changing forms.

    15. Require people to seek permission from the government for practically every productive endeavor possible.

    16. Corral the masses into a system of technological control which prohibits free association and free enterprise, and punishes those most likely to resist.

    15. Elevate the most criminally insane members of government, and give them open-ended, free access to 24-hour monopolized media.

    16. Eradicate natural and holistic forms of medicine, corralling everyone into a top-down, one-size fits all, for-profit, absurdly expensive, allopathic medical system.

    17. Disconnect people from genuine, personal spiritual connection, so that they live with an insatiable fear of death in constant inner turmoil.

    18. Over time, socially engineer a societal tribe of dysfunctional, unhealthy, confused, resentful, broke, state-worshippers who may wish to live a prosperous life, but cannot ever manage to overcome the urges of their subconscious minds in order to act in their own best interests.

    The end result of all this is an individual who has been so beaten down by circumstance and chronic stress that they require stimulants all day to function, and sedatives all night to cope with the madness of it all.
    Nearly all of us engage in self-sabotaging and self-destructive behavior, which is great for guys like Brzezinski, because it makes controlling the masses easier than ever before.
    Friends, this is social engineering at its most advanced, and while it’s informative to understand what has happened to our society, your imperative now is to internalize this as a demand to eliminate such influences from your life. You must seek to understand how these influences have derailed your potential, and then you must engage in the work needed to reconnect you with you inner wisdom and authority.

    Self-sabotage is a gift to the elite. It puts you on the sideline of life and has you constantly burning your energy in a permanent war against yourself. It makes it nearly impossible for you to make positive changes in your life or have a positive impact on your community or this world. It makes you aloof and dependent on the directives of skilled profiteers who utilize the science of the mind against you.

    So, yeah, in today’s world it is far easier to control billions of people than to murder them. And unless you commit to taking back control of your life, you are fulfilling your directive as their pawn.

    Gefällt 1 Person

  13. No_NWO

    Danke für diesen Auszug, Dude. Klarer geht es nicht! Ich melde mich freiwillig, eine ordentliche Übersetzung anzufertigen. Ja, ich glaube jetzt, gleich, sofort.

    Gefällt mir

  14. GoAlive

    Im September 2020 beschloss die EU-Kommission „Eine Kapitalmarktunion für Bürger und Unternehmen – neuer Aktionsplan“. Der Aktionsplan besteht aus 16 Maßnahmen, eine davon ist

    Aktion 7: Befähigung der Bürger durch Finanzwissen
    A. Um ein gemeinsames Verständnisses von Finanzkompetenz bei Behörden und privaten Einrichtungen zu fördern und eine Grundlage für die Finanzkompetenz in verschiedenen Anwendungen und Umfeldern zu schaffen, wird die Kommission eine Durchführbarkeitsbewertung für die Entwicklung eines EU-Rahmens für Finanzkompetenz bis zum zweiten Quartal 2021 durchführen, aufbauend auf den einschlägigen bestehenden Rahmenwerken.

    Das wurde gestern angekündigt:

    Am 11. Januar 2022 haben die Europäische Kommission und das Internationale Netzwerk für Finanzwissen der OECD den gemeinsamen EU/OECD-INFE-Rahmen für Finanzkompetenz für Erwachsene (!!!) veröffentlicht, der auf die in Aktion 7 des Aktionsplans der Kapitalmarktunion 2020 angekündigten Maßnahmen folgt.
    Dieser Rahmen zielt darauf ab, die finanziellen Fähigkeiten des Einzelnen zu verbessern, damit er fundierte Entscheidungen über seine persönlichen Finanzen treffen kann. Er wird die Entwicklung von öffentlichen Maßnahmen, Programmen zur Vermittlung von Finanzwissen und Lehrmaterial durch die Mitgliedstaaten, Bildungseinrichtungen und die Industrie unterstützen. Er wird auch den Austausch bewährter Praktiken durch politische Entscheidungsträger und Interessenvertreter in der EU unterstützen.

    Das Framework ist zweiteilig und gibt die Entscheidungskriterien für den künftigen Konsum vor!

    Es handelt sich um die Gewöhnung an ein Verhalten, das zu der geplanten Digitalwährung „passt“, so das er Umstieg nicht als Zumutung erscheint. Die Menschen sollen bis dahin an den erwünschten Umgang gewöhnt sein und so den Eindruck bekommen, dass ihnen die programmierte Währung bei den Entscheidungen, die zu treffen sie gelernt haben, nur noch „hilft“ und nicht: die Entscheidungsfreiheit beseitigt. Das ist perfide und unglaublich gut geplant. Würde mich wundern, wenn sie das Papier nicht so ähnlich auch im Rest der westlichen Welt einsetzen würden.

    Bei der OECD wird auch das künftig bei Maschinenbedienern erwünschte Sozialverhalten erarbeitet:
    Auch Tipps zur Bildung „gegen Einsamkeit“ und für besseren Sex sind dabei. Es ist sehr deutlich, dass die Bevölkerung endgültig in eine dumme Herde verwandelt werden soll. Fragt sich nur, was die Herren der Eloi dann noch mit ihnen anfangen werden? Verspeisen?

    Gefällt mir